This is a place where safe, clean, and green lifestyles are born.
We are the guardians of this oasis known as ABIES.

Welcome to ABIES Biotech.

The creation of a better future begins here.

New biotech workers are often surprised by how bright and comfortable their working environment is. With our passion for green living, we are confident that our products, made here at ABIES, will bring you much joy and wonder in life.

In marketing, product certification is what keeps the world talking.

While good products speak for themselves, global certification allows the world to speak for them instead. What is most important is all that lies beneath every beautiful packaging – product quality.

A product history that is as detailed as human DNA.

Just as everyone has his or her own unique set of DNA, every product has their own blueprint. Each of our products comes with its own product history, which enables progress tracking, referencing and reviewing purposes.

In public health, the first line of defense is sanitation.

The three parts which make up this line of defense includes: air quality, water quality, and human health.

Implementation of Eco-Friendly Production: Carbon Reduction

Compared to traditional factories, ABIES has reduced the annual amount of carbon by 168,153 kg, and planted 15,218 twenty-year old trees. Aside from manufacturing, we are committed to making the Earth a more beautiful place to live in.

Smart photovoltaic power generation system is expected to be completed by October 2017.

Perfect production lines that meet various needs

ABIES currently has nine production lines which can produce 12,000,000 pieces a year. The system is flexible and can be customized to meet the different needs of our clients, including real-time adjustments and product quality.

A total of seven big-scale laboratories are used for making and testing products.

All laboratories are protected with fingerprint padlocks, accessible only to R&D personnel. This ensures that customer and product information are tightly protected.

We believe that our employees are the most important asset.

Without our proud staff, success in business would not be possible.

At ABIES, our employees treat each other as partners, regardless of the role he or she plays. It is our priority that everyone has a safe and comfortable workspace, so that we can all play to our strengths, work diligently, feel proud to be a part of the biotech industry, grow and prosper together, and most importantly - provide clean, safe, and eco-friendly products for our customers and consumers.