In public health, the first line of defense is sanitation.

The three parts which make up this line of defense includes: air quality, water quality, and human health.

Automatic Ozone Disinfection and Sterilization System

Today, many cosmetics factories continue to use UV radiation as a means of disinfection. This method, however, is ineffective against persisting bacteria and cleaning small gaps. ABIES uses the much more comprehensive automatic ozone disinfection and sterilization system, which provides uniform, concentrated cleaning for both planktonic and dust bacteria. With this system, ABIES' environment complies with the GMP purification disinfection standards.

Class 10,000 GMP Purification Standards

Our green biotech clean room meets the standards of the Class 10,000 GMP purification, achieving the same grad as a pharmaceutical factory. Dust particle size, the number of planktonic, dust, and settling bacteria are all strictly controlled by our automatic digital environmental monitoring system. This advanced monitoring system comprises real-time recording of temperature, humidity, pressure, and sensing for functional abnormalities.

WaterABIES's medical-grade water purification system consists of seven water treatment procedures. The system's U-shaped drainpipe designs allows for convenient access to maintenance. The floors and space of the water purification system are constructed through a dry treatment design. This design prevents water stains and bacterial growth.

People“A regular hand dryer contains more bacteria than a gorilla sneezing into your hands.”
For health and safety considerations, all staff must wash their hands prior to packaging and canning processes. Many people will, however, ignore the hand drying procedure - wet hands are a thousand times more likely to spread bacteria and germs than dry hands do.

At ABIES, our washbasins are auto-sensing, meaning that the faucets switch on and off without being touched. Staff members then use the high-speed DYSON dryer, which dries their hands in 10 seconds, killing 99.9% of all germs. Lastly, staff members sanitize their hands using alcohol-based sanitizer before heading into the workshop.

Our workshop entrances are purposely designed to be one-way: this ensures that our staff completes the three-step hand washing procedure, and also to prevent exposure to potential contaminants.