A product history that is as detailed as human DNA.

Just as everyone has his or her own unique set of DNA, every product has their own blueprint. Each of our products comes with its own product history, which enables progress tracking, referencing and reviewing purposes.

Product creation begins at a design studio, and ends in the hands of consumers. Every one of these products contains a batch number - a unique code that comprises information such as the product composition, its manufacturing traceability, as well as its date and time of production. Words and images are stored in digital format. For customers who want to learn more about the product or to look into an issue, we can use the “product history” feature to analyze the stored data, identify the problems, and resolve them on the spot.

That's right, ABIES products do not only have their own ID, but they also contain a feature called “product history”. In order to keep track of manufacturing procedures, we operate in ways that many other factories find difficult:

Quality over quantity – Product evaluation via KPI metrics.

For brand companies, the most important aspect of manufacturing products is their quality, and not their quantity. As many manufacturers specialize in mass production, the shift in focus from quantity to quality is a big challenge for them.

Digital and transparent production management system.

For the sake of product quality, strict management must be implemented on production. To achieve this goal, our production system is digitized, eliminating the possibility of human errors, and improving safety.

200 surveillance cameras

There are 200 high-definition surveillance cameras to capture every step of manufacturing. This provides comprehensive recording of all production activities, as well as assurance of quality control.

Digital monitoring - automatic recording and control of pressure, temperature and humidity in the workshop

In order to make pure and safe products, environment monitors in the operating zone automatically record and control temperature, humidity, pressure, number of dust particles. This advanced digital system reduces man-made errors, and serves as an important basis for continuous improvement of management personnel.

Public openings and production transparency

Green biotechnology welcomes not only brand companies, but all consumers and visitors. We accept appointments from individuals, schools, and organizations alike. Visitors will be able to navigate the factory in a transport car, and learn all about our green carbon reduction technologies. Workshops are separated from the public corridor with large glass, allowing a clear view of manufacturing processes. The visitors' aisle is colored white, while the equipment transport aisle is grey. The purpose of the car and the divided lanes is to ensure safety, and most importantly, to maintain the highest standards of clean spaces.

We are pleased to transparentize our production and to showcase our manufacturing process to the public. This is not only a gesture of our confidence, but also our way to put clients and consumers at ease.